Probably the most innovative tap in the world

Saving up to 90% of water

The Comfort is a brand-new faucet which consumes only 0.7 liter of water per minute. We reach these savings because the device is equipped with our latest technology: The SmixRain. This ingenious aerator creates a new solution and saves up to 3.3L/min !


Sometimes, you don’t need to only wash your hands in the restroom but also brush your teeth or even shave. That is why the Comfort is the perfect companion for the Compact. You can still maintain your clean and professional hygiene while saving water and creating a better future.

The Technology

The SmixRain is the new aerator that equips the Comfort. Its unique design allows water to be perfectly aerated. Thus, it offers a flow of only 0.7/min. but with the sensation and the efficiency of a 4L/min classical faucet.